AircraftPost is a web based information resource for owners of current and next generation business jets. We provide real time market intelligence, fleet statistics and valuations enabling owners to make better informed decisions.

Via our site, AircraftPost delivers:

real time value specific to your serial number
return on major capital expenditures
owner-to-owner collaboration
current market and recent sales data specific to your make/model
detailed fleet-statistics and analytics
ability to search for pre-owned aircraft to your specific criteria
email alerts for timely, accurate information
To see first hand how AircraftPost can benefit you, call Dennis Rousseau, our Founder & President, at (518) 952-4560.

Dennis specializes in valuations, acquisitions and strategic planning for medium and long range business jets. Since 1989, he has built TRC into the leader of information resources for aircraft owners, with the development of AirCraftValuator and AircraftPost. Dennis has over 40 years in business aviation and was an early innovator of utilizing helicopters for newsgathering and offshore EMS.