Marketline – Q3 2016

Scoring a golf tournament based on par is relatively understandable to those who play the game on a particular course. Par is Latin for what the English rhetoric refers to as “average.” This is simple enough for the aviator’s number one leisure sport.Par in business aircraft activity is another story. One could list multiple concepts for par in the business aircraft transaction. Measuring total inventory available is one consideration, while measuring average days on market could be another. Then there is the actual transaction. Measuring the number of transactions as a result of par based on type, range, equipment for pre-owned aircraft or measuring the number of new sales from the manufacturer or distributor could be another definition of par. One could also find a par on cash versus finance, American sales versus everywhere else, and Part 135 activity or corporate flights. The list goes on and on while everything mentioned, and not mentioned, can be measured against par. So be specific. If business aviation is below par, then being “above par” doesn’t have much of a bite unless it refers to a specific segment of business aircraft activity.

Just as in golf, wind plays a factor in the underlying score as it relates to par. Wind also has a different meaning in reference to national politics and has an impact on our aircraft markets. All in all, how would you measure par in your business aircraft activity within your level of participation?

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